JUNK GODSTM offers the best in the business when it comes to our in-class & field franchise partner training and support.

Our personalized training program at JUNK GODSTM Academy teaches our franchise partners the ease of it all. Once the course is completed, training does not stop there. JUNK GODSTM will always provide ongoing training and support.

Your success is our success.


At JUNK GODSTM, our franchise partners can always be heard. If you have an idea or opinion, we are listening. As franchisor. JUNK GODSTM establishes the operational requirements and sets ownership parameters however we are open to ideas that can help propel JUNK GODSTM to the next level.

Our Corporate Team Members have over 150 years of combined experience refining the JUNK GODSTM name. Putting our heads together is the force that drives us every single day.

We think that all franchise partners are part of the JUNK GODSTM family. Family help each other, that’s why we actively nurture a solution-oriented and hands-on culture. Being the GREENEST is paramount and staying that way is imperative to a greener and healthier planet for all.

We are here day and night to provide support and continuous improvement.


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    International Call/Service Center

    • The Service Center: 100% of all customer call activities or email processing are filtered through our automated service center so that our franchisees can have total confidence that we are on top of everything 24/7. Having our Service Center eradicates the need of each franchise partner to build their own team to take calls and manage other things as their own business grows. And the beauty of partnering with JUNK GODSTM is that our team will schedule all appointments and help you optimize all the marketing and networking.
    • Bigger Trucks: The advantage of having the biggest trucks in the junk removal industry is that more jobs can be completed in a single day. Less gas consumption and less labor costs.
    • The 3R’s: Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose are at the heart of the company. Our core values are based around those. Up to 98%+ by utilizing this strategy.
    • Warehouse Hub: The secret lies here. Sorting through everything is what makes this business model unique.

    Supporting your Operations & Success

    Our all-inclusive classroom and in the field training program (JUNK GODSTM Academy) will provide you with on-going support for the whole year of operation. We will also go above and beyond by actively providing weekly check-ups and additional training support on numerous levels.

    At JUNK GODSTM, the individuals we are looking for, are the ones who have what we call, a drive, and who are excited to be part of a dynamic and growing organization that shares the same core values.

    If you’ve gotten this far, you must have a gut feeling that you are on to something right, and if you’re ready to take the next step, simply fill out and submit the form. Within a few hours, one of our franchise representative will contact you by email or phone and answer all your questions.

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    Have you always dreamed of owning a business but never quite got to starting one? Let us help you get there.

    Some of our Franchise Partners never considered buying a franchise. But after reviewing the pros and cons, they quickly made a leap to hop on board. That’s because they didn’t realize franchising could be this easy and rewarding. JUNK GODSTM franchise can definitely be the best path to your future.

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