Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have the lowest investment. The initial investment to open a JUNK GODSTM Franchise ranges between $45,550-$165,300, with the largest territories based on population count. Territory population sizes range between 500,000-650,000 people.

The initial Franchise Fee is a one time payment ranging from $20,000 – $26,000 for a territory based on population size, at a rate of $0.04/Person. This allows the Franchisee access to all Licenses, Branded Materials, Intellectual Property, and Trademarks.

With one of the lowest Initial Investment costs in North America. A JUNK GODSTM Franchise can be up and running with only $45,550 – $165,300

Just 1 Truck is all it takes! The JUNK GODSTM like to Travel in a HINO 195 and can be driven by most regular licensed drivers with a clean driving record. You can always start with more but scaling your business needs is what the JUNK GODSTM Philosophy is all about.

The Royalty Rate is 8% and based on many factors and variables to allow The JUNK GODSTM to better serve the customers we love and appreciate.

As with any business, there are ongoing fees and expenses associated with operating your business. Other than royalty, there are two other fees that will need to be paid to JUNK GODS™.

Each franchisee must contribute 3% monthly gross revenue to the National Services Center, the backbone of the JUNK GODSTM operation. The Service Center handles all customer inquiries including scheduling your jobs, confirming jobs, billing commercial clients, call-backs, review ratings, analytics analysis, among other things.

There is also a Monthly Advertising Fee of 3% that goes toward the Marketing and, Branding of JUNK GODSTM Nationwide that benefits the entire JUNK GODSTM network.

Any other fees associated with owning a JUNK GODS™ franchise can be found in Item 6 in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Yes, it can. Some of our franchisees choose to hire a manager to run their Franchise while others choose to operate the business themselves. Our franchisees must be at least 50% involved in the business, even if they are not managing the daily operations. We do not encourage this practice as franchise might have less success than anticipated.

You will service residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Your range of potential customers is limitless as per your assigned territory.

24/7 Support system at your fingertips from the start to help you and team scale up your operations. Including initial training, operational support, and a marketing team dedicated to helping our JUNK GODSTM Franchisee’s achieve the growth potential. We want all our Franchisees to succeed to their full potential.

A JUNK GODSTM Franchise requires 2-3 people at minimum to start. You always need 2 team members per truck to do the hauling along with an office staff to run the daily operations and triage the items being collected.

JUNK GODSTM does not believe in Landfills. That’s what differentiates us from the other junk removal companies. That’s why we have developed “The Sorting Center” a unique system that is the hub of the operations, where items are sorted for resale, recycling, and reuse.

Making us the GREENEST in the industry!

The term for a JUNK GODS™ franchise is 5 years and is renewable for an additional 5-year or 10-year term.

To set up a JUNK GODSTM Franchise should take 4 – 8 weeks from the initial signing of the Franchise Agreement. It also depends on your commitment taking the training and finding your warehouse location.


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    That’s why, if you want, we invite you on “Discovery Day” at one of our franchise offices for a day. This will allow you to get a feel for how the business operates. We are also very transparent and encourage you to talk to a number of other franchisees in our system to get their feedback on the business.

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