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JUNK GODSTM was founded in 2019 by Robert Dagenais. Being brought up in an entrepreneur family, he realized at a very young age that the world was changing at rapid speed. One day, he came across a newspaper clipping announcing the closure of a landfill in the city he lived in. That’s when the lightbulb came on, people are in desperate need of a junk hauling services to clear the clutter and unwanted in teems from their homes and businesses.

After meticulous weeks of research, he found that most junk removal companies do not practice eco friendly disposal methods. Multiple years later, the idea haunted him and decided to open his own junk removal business and it will be the GREENEST. The core value of the company is we have a responsibility in keeping our Earth clean. We’ll do what it takes to not visit landfills. That’s why we are considered the GREENEST Junk Removal Company around.

Today, JUNK GODSTM” is on its way to being the premiere junk removal company in Canada and the United States. Our rapid growth has been fueled by our recycling-reuseable based business model and our reputation.


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    Our Mission

    At JUNK GODSTM we’re driven by our Mission Statement and Core Values.

    This acts as guidelines when innovating major decisions and can help guide a company toward a greener success. Since our company’s founding in 2019,we had one ultimate goal in mind: Make a large impact in the world. That’s why we found ways of eliminating unrecyclable garbage without the use of landfills.

    We can honestly say, without a doubt that we are the considered the GREENEST removal company in Canada and the United States. Everything we do is governed by our core beliefs, who enable us to deliver exceptional service to meet or exceed the client’s requirements for quality, performance, and value.

    We are proud to call ourselves the GREENEST junk removal company out there.

    Is a JUNK GODSTM Franchise a Good Fit For YOU?

    • THE GREENEST junk removal company in Canada and the United States
    • Low Investment Cost
    • Multiple Revenue Streams
    • Largest trucks in the Junk Removal Industry
    • Not only a Rewarding Adventure but a Profitable one!
    • A treasure Hunt awaiting to be discovered every single day

    Why we believe - we are your best choice for success

    JUNK GODSTM transformed the way of doing business in the junk removal world, making the company 100% green. We found new ways to:

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    Still Not Convinced?

    Junk GODSTM is a game changer, the only Junk Removal Company in Canada and the United States that beats all the competition when it comes down to our core values. YES, JUNK GODSTM is the only junk removal company to aim for 98% + Recycled of what we take in to our facilities. JUNK GODSTM rapid growth is fueled by it’s 100% Recycling target for a Junk removal company, all wrapped up in exceptional Customer Service.

    We are considered the GREENEST Junk Removal company in Canada and the United States! We recycle everything from each and every job. With strategical partnerships, we maximize recycling income for our franchise partners.

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